Customs Procedures
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Opareda international logistics franchise support

1. Site selection assessed by professional team

2. Provide the effect picture of storefront decoration

3. Provide business license process

4. Assist in personnel recruitment

5. Free training in technology and sales

  Conditions of joining in opareda international logistics

1. I and my family are in good health and have the passion and enthusiasm to engage in the industry;

2. Recognize and accept the business philosophy and mode of international logistics projects in China, Russia and Europe, and those who are interested in venture capital;

3. Provide legal ID card for the headquarters to establish real files;

4. Implement and abide by the operation and management system of the project;

5. Natural person with independent legal personality or strong economic strength;

6. Have a good sense of cooperation and good business reputation;

7. Be able to put into operation wholeheartedly with certain market sensitivity;

8. Be able to invest all expenses independently and bear certain business risks.

  Opareda international logistics franchise process

1. Log in to the company's website and learn about the conditions and procedures of joining;

2. The company provides information for the applicant;

3. The company sends a salesman to inspect and evaluate the applicant's conditions;

4. Fill in the franchise application form;

5. The company makes the final assessment;

7. Both parties sign the franchise contract;

8. Preliminary planning work;

9. Planning of opening marketing activities;

10. Marketing support and supervision.

Note: the amount of investment, number of franchise stores, investment areas and business model of this project are subject to the latest consultation! We suggest that you leave a message on the message board at the bottom of the company's home page or call the company for consultation, so that you can talk with the company and get the latest news of the franchise project in time (the company's requirements are different, so it is recommended to know more about multiple projects for comparison)