Consultation Service
Inquiry of intended products, parameter price communication, and supplier selection.
Lock suppliers, negotiate business, confirm cooperation, and customize software and hardware
Purchase acceptance
Quality control, acceptance, and recommended logistics plan after placing the order.
Sea transport
Quotation → booking → loading → customs declaration → settlement → delivery
Air transport
Quotation → booking → checking air waybill → handling warehousing procedures → customs declaration and presentation → settlement → delivery
Rail transportation
Quotation-+ booking, loading → customs declaration → arrival, settlement → delivery
China's M & X
Import: arrival notice, documents required for import declaration, price certificate, tax payment;
Russia's  M & X
Normal customs clearance refers to the customs clearance method that enters Russia through normal customs inspection.
Join in cooperation
1. Professional evaluation and selection of company address; 2. Provide store decoration renderings; 3. Provide business license procedures: 4. Assist in recruitment; 5. Free training on technology and sales