International Transport
Air transport

Quotation → booking → checking air waybill → handling warehousing procedures → customs declaration and presentation → settlement → delivery

Consulting and confirming the international air freight price
According to the container type / bulk cargo number, HS code, FBA delivery address and other information of the air export cargo you inquired, as well as your service requirements, provide the most appropriate international air freight quotation.

It is divided into online booking and paper booking. When booking, you need to provide cargo details, volume, gross weight, number of pieces, and confirm whether airline flights, positions and some special terms are consistent with customer requirements

After accepting the entrustment, we will check whether the contents of the letter of entrustment are complete and know whether the goods need to be inspected. We will book the space from the airline according to the consignor's letter of entrustment and give it back to you.

Check air waybill
The air waybill is one of the necessary documents in the air cargo declaration documents. Before warehousing, the consignor, the consignee and the name of the goods in English must be checked, and the connection of flight information, warehousing time and customs declaration data must be well done

Go through warehousing procedures
Preparation before receiving goods. Before the goods arrive at the airport freight station, prepare the consignment letter, safety certificate, air transport label for warehousing. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, check the label, measure and weigh them, fill in the acceptance and transportation, affix the security inspection seal, the acceptance and transportation seal, sign for confirmation, and finally make the original waybill

 Declaration and presentation
The customs declaration department reviews and arranges a complete set of customs declaration documents (customs declaration power of attorney, air waybill, list, contract, invoice, verification form, commodity inspection certificate manual, license, etc.) provided by the customers. After the documents are printed, they are sent to the customs examination center. After the documents are approved, the original documents are submitted to the Customs for declaration. If there is no problem with the documents, they can be released within two hours, The waybill and related documents (attached documents) are delivered to the designated counter of the loading office, commonly known as delivery

Settlement tracking
Make expense bill and submit it to finance department for invoice
Opareda will issue the payment notice and invoice to the client, and inform the client of the expected time of arrival by air.

take delivery of goods
Delivery of bill of lading   Pick up at port
The client will arrange the payment and arrange the customs clearance and delivery notice at the first time after arrival, or we will send them to the warehouse.