Purchasing Agent
Consultation Service

According to the different purchase demands of different customers, we visited many different suppliers, compared and inquired, striving to find out the suppliers with cost advantages, and insisting on "the same quality vs. price, the same price vs. quality" for customers. Supervise and urge suppliers to provide relative accurate material purchasing plan and establish relative safe material inventory quantity.
Reduce the situation of door-to-door delivery, let the supplier deliver goods directly to the company, reasonably reduce the procurement cost, and reasonably require the supplier to make a proportion of price reduction procurement according to the annual procurement situation of the customer and the annual supply situation of the supplier.
Develop new suppliers to reduce procurement risk, avoid the emergence of only one or two suppliers who can not meet the needs of our company due to various reasons, and make the quality, delivery time and cost of suppliers more competitive.

Conduct quarterly or annual evaluations of current suppliers. If the conditions fail to meet the requirements of our company, rectification will be required according to the evaluation conditions, and those that do not meet the rectification standards will be eliminated directly.