International Transport
Rail transportation

According to the current railway regulations, the monthly and ten day demand plans approved by the railway department are required for the delivery of whole vehicle goods. The monthly demand plans for less than carload goods and container goods need to be compiled and reported to the railway department, but the consignor needs to go through the consignment procedures at the departure station.

Quotation → booking, loading → customs declaration → arrival, settlement → delivery

Quotation (price confirmed by consultation)
Provide the latest and most suitable quotation according to the information of container type / bulk cargo number, HS code, FBA delivery address, etc. of railway export goods consulted by customers, as well as the service requirements of customers.

Booking and loading   
Book the warehouse, arrange the trailer to pick up the container, and load the container at the place designated by the client. After the goods are loaded and sealed, arrange the goods to be transported to the designated location. When the special line is used for loading, the goods shall be transported to the location before the train dispatching, and the goods shall be consigned and carried.

declare at customs  ( Border station)
Generally, Sinotrans is entrusted to transport goods to transit Russia and other countries. China Railway International Service Corporation shall formulate an agent to handle the transit procedures, and indicate the name of the agent in the waybill column with a stamp.

For the delivery of export goods at the border station, handle the entrusted agency procedures, forecast the arrival of the train, the freight forwarder receives and reviews the transport bills, handle the customs declaration and inspection, hand over the goods, and clarify the responsibilities.

After the arrival of the goods, the railway will send 5 copies of the waybill on the back which has been recorded by the railway and stamped with various transport stamps to the consignee. The consignee will take delivery of the goods by 5 copies of the waybill or business records, including 3 copies of the waybill. At that time, opareda will inform the consignee to pay for settlement and take delivery of the goods.

take delivery of goods
After delivery, the consignor arranges payment, and the consignor takes delivery of the goods at the designated warehouse, or the goods are transferred to the logistics company of the country where the consignor is located (the logistics company or individual designated by the consignor and the agent through joint negotiation). The goods to be picked up or transferred shall be weighed on site to determine the quality, and the date shall be recorded and stamped