International Transport
Sea transport

Quotation → booking → loading → customs declaration → settlement → delivery

Consulting and confirming the international shipping price

According to the information of container type / bulk cargo number, HS code, FBA delivery address and your service requirements, we will provide the most appropriate international shipping quotation.

Booking shipping space
After accepting the entrustment, we will confirm the appropriate shipping date as soon as possible according to the cargo condition, delivery time and the client's requirements, and reserve the shipping space with the shipping company, and feed it back to you.

Container loading / returning
After booking the shipping space, arrange the trailer to pick up the container at the container terminal, and load the container at the place designated by the client. After the goods are loaded and sealed, arrange the goods to return to the terminal.

customs declaration
General trade declaration
After the container is returned to the international shipping terminal, arrange the export customs declaration immediately, follow up the progress of the customs declaration, and communicate and coordinate with the client in time.

Make international shipping bill
After sailing, opareda will issue the payment notice and invoice to the principal, and inform the principal of the expected arrival time.

Delivery of international ocean bill of lading   Pick up at port
The consignor will arrange the payment, and the customs clearance and delivery notice will be arranged as soon as the ship arrives at the port, or we will send them to the warehouse.