Customs Procedures
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1、 The customer shall provide the notice of arrival, original bill of lading or telegraphic guarantee, replacement fee, THC fee to our company, and our company shall exchange the import bill of lading to the shipping company.


2、 Prepare the documents required for import declaration.


1. necessary documents: packing list, invoice and contract of goods in duplicate, one copy of declaration and inspection authorization.


2. for imported goods from EU, USA, Korea and Japan, if it is wooden packing box, heat treatment certificate or plant quarantine certificate shall be provided. If it is non wooden, it shall be provided with wooden package.


3. various certificates (such as import license, mechanical and electrical certificate, and important industrial product certificate) stipulated in the tax regulations.


4. provide the tax reduction certificate manual for the tax reduction manual.


3、 After the import declaration, if the customs needs to review the price, the customer shall provide relevant price certificate. Documents required by customs such as letter of credit, policy, original invoice, tender and so on.


4、 After the customs prints the tax bill, the customer shall pay the tax within 7 working days. If the deadline is exceeded, the customs shall collect the overdue fine on a daily basis. 5、 After customs clearance, the customer shall pay customs declaration and inspection agent fee to our company in time. The goods must be declared to the Customs within 14 days after arrival. If the customs collects the overdue payment (according to 5% of the value of the goods) on a daily basis for more than three months, the customs will sell the goods without the main goods.




1、 The export customs declaration enterprise shall have the registration and record with the local customs and inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and shall have the right to import and export business and the qualification of inspection application.


2、 Documents required for export declaration:


1. the customer shall prepare the documents required by the customs to declare to the customs 24 hours after the goods arrive at the customs supervision area.


2. necessary documents: one list, invoice, contract, declaration authorization, shipping company shipping order and other documents.


3. all certificates as stipulated in the customs tax regulations( Such as customs clearance, export license, etc.).


4. the export manual shall be provided for customs declaration.


Documents required


1. the customer shall prepare the required documents three days before the customs declaration date and report to the inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The documents provided include: List invoice, contract, inspection authorization, factory inspection sheet, carton packing list and other documents.


2. if the export goods are packed in the United States, Australia, Canada, EU and other external packaging for wood which need to be fumigated or heat treated, the documents provided by the customer include: list, invoice, contract and inspection authorization. If fumigation products are wood products, factory inspection sheets shall also be provided.


3. for products that are fumigated or heat treated, the customer shall deliver the goods to the designated storage yard or port area for fumigation two days before customs declaration( The fumigation time is 24 hours).


4. The export declaration is officially declared to the customs. If the export is subject to tax, it shall pay the tax in time.


5. Customs site audit is over. After the goods documents are released, the owner shall deliver the goods to the customs supervision area for inspection and release within the time limit specified by the customs. If inspection is required, the customs broker shall contact the customs in time to conduct cargo inspection. After inspection, the customs declaration agent shall seal the goods according to the seal of the shipping company. If no inspection is required, the goods shall be released in time and the loading order shall be sent to the port for shipment according to the customs closing time.


6. When the goods are exported, the shipping company will transmit the data of the export manifest to the customs. After receiving the data, the customs declaration bank shall timely print the tax refund verification sheet to the Customs after the customs data is closed.


7. The export clearance is over. The customer shall pay the customs declaration and inspection agent fee to our company in time.