ozone disinfectant machine

Item No.: hea00001
说明: 消消乐说明书2
Ozone sterilization
No need to add disinfectant,so there is no sencondary pollution.
Fine active oxygen bubbles produced by the ozone generator can disintegrate and decompose the pesticide,hormone and odor,which remains on the surface on food,such as fruit, vegetables,fish and meat,etc.
Anions purify the air
说明: 消消乐说明书3
Anions can remove dust, deodorize, inhibit bacteria, and purify the air.
Operating Guide
1.When the product is powered on ,the switch button light is red ,means the machine is in standby mode.
2.Touch the power button slightly ,the indicator light changes from red to blue ,it enters the operation mode.
At the same time, the anion button displays blue , and the anion releases normal.You can also touch the anion button ,if do not need anion, the anion button will not bright at this time.
3.When the products is turned on, the timing will display ,then you can choose the timer function by Timing key ,and the product will release ozone. Touching slightly the timing key,once increases the time by 5 minutes,touching slightly the timing key ,once decreases the time by 5 minutes. It could up to 30 minutes timing.
Fruits and vegetables
in water
10 - 20 min Disinfect, decompose pesticide and fertilizer
residues, and extend the freshness of food.
On the skin, beauty,
water bath
20 - 30 min Ozone water can remove the dirt from the pores to 

achieve the effect of skin care
Hands and feet 20 - 30 min Keep them clean and effectively remove beriberi
Clothes 5 - 10 min Ozone-containing water can be used to disinfect
10 - 15min Improve oral hygiene, effectively prevent bad breath,
and help to care for the teeth, reduce the discomfort
when cleaning the teeth.
Wash items and toys 10 - 15 min Disinfect children's toys
Elimination of bad
smells from kitchen,
WC, bedrooms,etc
20 - 30 min Ozone quickly eliminates unpleasant odours
Safety instruction:
1.Disconnect the power before cleaning or repairing.
2.When this product is used to Sterilize water, place it above water surface to avoid water from flowing in.
3.Do not use in high temperature environment (above 42℃) or places with high humidity or high oilcontent. It will reduce the effectiveness or shorten the usage life of the product.
4.Do not throw or cause any impact on the unit.(Do not block the ozone outlet as it will affect the air ventilation.
5.When this machine is used in a unventilated room to sterilize  the air,please enter the room after the machine stops working for 30 minutes.
Product number:    
Rated voltage:  DC12V
Rated power: 12W
Ozone output:  400mg/h
Anion:6x10  pcs/cm³
Timer: Support
Water treatment: Support
Ozone tube: 1.5m
Net weight:  0.6kg
Product size:  200x200x47.5mm

Product  1PCS
Adapter  1PCS
silicone tube  2PCS
Aeration stone 2PCS
User manual  1PCS
Warranty card  1PCS
Certificate  1PCS